radial elastomer bumpers

TEMAX High Performance 55 Series Radial Bumpers provide a long stroke with minimum end load for a soft deceleration. The 55 Series is an extension of the original, softer R Series providing up to 3X damping and capacity in the same operating size. This Long Stroke/Soft Stop feature has numerous applications in maintenance free Conveyor Systems. These specialty bumpers are made with the highest quality copolymer elastomer. The TEMAX technology far outlasts urethanes(up to 20x) and rubbers(up to 10x).  With it’s low weight, economical cost combined with long operating life(up to 1 million cycles), the R Series Radial bumpers offer an attractive option to costly hydraulics damping. The R Series Bumpers are easily mounted in any orientation via a single head cap screw. These high grade co-polyester dampers will not absorb water and has excellent resistance to abrasion. The TEMAX Series of bumpers/dampers have excellent resistance to grease, petroleum fluids, sea water, chemicals and microbes. These characteristics combined with a wide operating temperature range, -40 oC to 90 oC, ozone and UV resistance provide for a wide range of applications from robotic systems to aerospace.

Dynamic Energy (We) is the Energy Capacity of the Bumper with respect to Displacement or Compression of the Bumper.

• Return Springs in Car Wash Systems

• Shock Absorber on Material Handling Systems

• Dock Constructions for Ship Building


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• Packaging Systems

• Suspension Units on Fitness Industry Equipment

• Electro-Mechanical Drives