Engineering Services

CoPoly Technologies provides engineering services to assist engineers and product designers in the implementation of TEMAX® into the design of your products. Our 25+ years of experience in this technology allows to provide reliable and cost effective solutions to problems that you may encounter.

Engineering and Process Development are key strengths that have established Copoly Technologies as the Solution Company. We can assist in the design of new TEMAX® products to specifically fit your engineering criteria. In cases where special needs are not encompassed by our normal product line, Copoly Tech can work with your engineers to design a satisfactory solution to meet your needs.


Please call about these services:

Engineering Services

  • Design Data Bases to Accelerate Solutions
  • Engineer Supported Problem Solving
  • Fast Turnaround Prototyping Shop
  • Solid Modeling Capability

Testing Services

  • Computerized Data Acquisition Systems
  • Wide Range of Precision Load Cells
  • 200 Kip Capacity Precision Load Frame