Copoly Technologies’ Temax elastomer bumpers facilitate in the safety and impact absorption of many applications in the amusement and entertainment industries. These applications range from wooden roller coaster stops using our high performance axial bumpers to zip lines that feature a custom R-6 application in a Las Vegas attraction. We have a wide variety of damping products that work with any design due to the precision and durability of our specialty elastomers.

shoot_the_chute_6_Amusement parks and tourist attractions are only as good as their safety components will allow them to be. Temax elastomer axial bumpers and radials will outlast any steel spring, urethane, or rubber product incrementally. Water parks are a great application for our products due to the fact that it does not absorb water and will not swell up and bind like typical rubber and urethane dampers. Our elastomers are made of a thermoplastic co-polyester material that is excellent in resisting oil, grease, chemicals, salt water, ultra-violet light, and microorganisms. These are all important for outdoor applications that will need to withstand the elements of each attractions’ environment. For example, we use our R-7 radial bumper for protecting boats on water rides.


Temax elastomer bumpers have an integral part in the application of zip line stops. This is an attraction that you will find all around the world and our stops far outlast their rubber counterpart. A client or ours was changing out their rubber stops a few times a day and since replacing their urethane stops with our Temax elastomer bumpers they are replacing stops about every 6-12 months. This customer is just one of many satisfied customers that have found the value in our stops.


Roller Coaster StopsAnother client is a company that designs wooden roller coasters, had found that nothing outlasts our elastomer stops in their roller coaster cars. It is important for a roller coaster to be fun, but also safe and the Temax bumpers have helped them create a ride that meets the durability demanded for amusement attractions.