Energy Kinetics

As of January 2, 2013, CoPoly Tech, LLC acquired the Elastomer Bumper and Specialty Elastomer Component segments of Energy Kinetics’ product line. As the Developer and Manufacturer of the TEMAX Elastomer Bumper Technology, CoPoly Tech LLC. has had a long relationship with Energy Kinetics.


Following are the answers to some frequently asked questions from some of Energy Kinetics former customers. If we haven’t included your question, please send it to us and include your name and email address or phone number for a reply.

What is Copoly Tech, LLC’s history and background?

With nearly three decades designing, developing and implementing Enhanced Thermoplastic Copolyester Elastomers, Copoly Technologies has the experience to find the right solution for your shock absorption and vibration damping needs.

With 14 Patents filed in the TEMAX Elastomer Technology, CoPoly Tech has the demonstrated technology leadership and capability to supply you with the highest performance and quality products based on this technology. The proprietary TEMAX technology takes our elastomer’s strength and durability to new levels of performance with a significantly enhanced molecular structure. Our Engineering Strength also allows us to provide our customers with designs tailored to their application.

What products and services does Copoly Tech provide?

Proudly manufactures and distributes Elastomer Bumpers, Dampers and Vibration Isolation. Copoly’s complete Standardized General Bumper Line provides interchangeability and off-the-shelf solutions to a wide range of applications.

This not only allows TEMAX® bumpers the ease of replacement but offers an elegant solution to upgrade existing systems based on inferior rubber bumpers, urethane bumpers and steel coil springs. In addition to their General Bumper Line, Coploy Tech’s flexible manufacturing systems, design tools and in-house testing capabilities offer custom solutions to unique and demanding applications.

As a previous customer of Energy Kinetics do you have a record of our purchases and our specifications?

Yes, we do and this is one of the reasons we can open an account and supply your needs immediately.

How do I contact your sales department?

For general inquiries, please contact:

Ron Sprainis or Cherry Nelson
CoPoly Tech, LLC
2187 South “F” Street, Suite H
Springfield, OR 97477

Phone: 541-747-6218
FAX: 541-741-2791