TEMAX Elastomer High Capacity Tapered Rod Bumpers (TRB’s) are designed for the maximum amount of shock absorption and noise reduction. It’s Space Efficient design Maximizes cylinder stroke in pneumatic and hydraulic dampers / cushion cylinder applications. The TRB’s unique shape features a 20-degree Taper offering increased displacement, more energy absorption, reduced impact force, noise reduction, reduced pneumatic bump and reduced complexity compared to air cushion counterparts.Tapered-Rod-Bumper-3D-View

The material used to produce the TRB’s is an extremely durable engineered polymer. This means the bumpers will perform over a wide temperature range (-40 to 120F) with a fatigue life 7 to 10 times any known elastomer. This engineered polymer will operate in corrosive environments with little or no effect on the bumpers where oils and other chemicals would normally degrade urethane or rubber bumpers.

The extended life of the TRB’s mean less wear and reduced maintenance on cylinders and ultimately better protection and risk reduction for your equipment. The water resistant copolymer used in the TRB’s allows the stops to be used for environments that are outdoors or prone to moisture because the material will not swell.

TRB Zoomed inTRB Series Tapered Rod Bumpers are especially suited for high-speed cylinder applications as internal end-stops or external stops for double-rod end cylinders. They are also work well for linear motion devices. Material, design advances make Tapered Rod Bumpers perform significantly better than standard flat bumpers. TEMAX High Capacity Tapered Rod Bumpers are created in a wide range of outer diameters, inner diameters, and thicknesses to work with multiple applications right out of the box. We also manufacture special outer and inner diameter TRD’s for custom applications and non-standard rod diameters upon request.

Note: Special O.D./I.D. combinations are available to fit over cushion sleeves, non-standard rod diameters, and/or special applications.

• Increased Performance and Service Life

• Higher Load and Speeds

• Significantly Less Noise and Vibration

• Lower Cost and maintenance/complexity vs. air cushion

• Requires No adjustment or Maintenance

• Lower pneumatic bump

• Available custom sizing

• Pulp and paper

• Food Processing

• Saw Mills

• Bottling

• Pneumatic machine applications


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