Temax Elastomer Micro Stops and Micro Bumpers

TEMAX High Capacity Axial Micro Stops and Bumpers are designed to absorb the maximum amount of shock in the smallest of applications.  This proprietary elastomer technology out performs rubbers and urethanes of a similar size and weight by up to 10X.  The specialty bumpers are made with the highest quality copolymer elastomer. Our technology far outlasts urethanes and rubbers while approximating the performance of a hydraulic damper in a solid-state package with zero maintenance and no chance for damaging hydraulic fluid leaks.

axial high performance elastomer bumperThe TEMAX micro stops have energy absorption 2 to 3 times more than other materials and offer the lowest rebound in a maintenance free, solid-state product.  Micro bumpers increase the service life of machines through reduction of damaging peak forces reducing the failure times, maintenance costs and noise.  In turn this saves companies’ time and money while utilizing the optimal performance of machines.

TEMAX micro bumpers are utilized in a variety of industries such as automotive, robotics, aerospace, fitness, automation and manufacturing to list a few.  Our products are used in assembly lines on robotic or automated systems to increase speed and efficiency.  Our micro stops are crafted with precision for an easy installation, with a maintenance and adjustment free lifespan. Our material is unaffected  by oils, salt spray/seawater, grease, hydraulic fluids and other common industrial chemicals.  The material will not absorb water or swell.  Performance is uncontested, for our micro stops, with an endurance of 20 times more than urethane bumpers and 10 times more durable than rubber. These are premium performing high-capacity micro bumpers that will outlast any other bumper/shock absorber at a fraction of the operating cost.

Micro StopsThe applications are endless for our micro stops, but common applications include automation dampers, robotic dampers, handling modules, swivel units, pneumatic cylinders, electro-mechanical drives and any other application requiring high capacity in a small space. TEMAX Elastomer High Capacity Axial Micro Bumpers are the shock absorbing elastomer bumpers that out compete and outlast any other urethane, rubber, or any other spring/damper system.  With the high demand for increased speeds and high Mean Time Between Failure, these premium bumpers are the best damping alternative in a Maintenance Free, Solid State package for high cycle applications.


Part# Energy Capacity (in-lb) Max. Force (lb) A Free Ht. (in) B Free Bulge (in) C Wrench Hole (in) D Base Dia. (in) E Mounting Hole (in) F Solid Ht. (in) G Bulge @ Solid (in) H Base Thk. (in) Weight oz Socket Head Cap Screw Mounting Torque ft-lbs
A-098      18   120 0.58 0.54 0.34 0.51 0.18 0.29 0.76 0.02 0.05 #8 SFH (5)
A-099      33   180 0.73 0.68 0.42 0.64 0.21 0.40 0.96 0.02 0.10 #10 SFH (5)
AA      26   210 0.43 0.47 0.23 0.41 0.14 0.24 0.60 0.042 0.30 #6 SFH (5)
AC      80


0.61 0.66 0.33 0.60 0.17 0.39 0.82 0.059 0.126 #8 SFH (5)
AE     140


0.74 0.81 0.39 0.70 0.21 0.70 1.01 0.12 0.14 #10 SFH (5)