crane elastomer bumpers

These Rugged Temax CB-2 elastomer bumpers have an innovative dual spring rate and meet the minimum existing OSHA and CMAA standards for Bridge Crane Applications. Additionally, the dual spring rates have made them ideal for High Load Suspension Jounce Stops. Bumpers are easily mounted with a single socket head cap screw.

Dynamic Energy (We) is the Energy Capacity of the Bumper with respect to Displacement or Compression of the Bumper.

• Jounce Stops on High Load Suspension Systems

• Maintenance Free Emergency Stops on Lift Systems

• Maintenance Free Shock Absorbers on Material Handling Systems

• Cushion Stops on Overhead Cranes

• Elastomer Shock Absorption on Lumber Mill De-Barking Machine

• Boom Bumper Blocks on Mining Equipment

• Saddle Block Cushions

•ACE Controls TC 74-76-S

•McMaster-Carr NA

•Miner Elastomer Products TCB-2

•Reid Tool Supply Company NA

•Stock Drive NA