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TEMAX high-performance axial bumpers are designed to absorb the maximum amount of energy in minimal space. These viscoelastic dampers are made with the highest quality copolymer elastomer. Our technology far outlasts urethanes and rubbers while approximating the performance of a hydraulic damper in a solid-state package with zero maintenance and no chance for hydraulic fluid leaks. axial high performance elastomer bumper

This proprietary elastomer technology is a maintenance-free replacement for dashpots and hydraulic dampers that significantly outperform rubbers and urethanes. The user can expect a life expectancy of 20x urethane dampers, 10x rubber, and 5x steel springs. TEMAX dampers are very resistant to chemicals, do not swell in water and have excellent UV and ozone resistance. TEMAX dampers have an operating range of -40 to 90C and minimal degradation in end-load at extreme temperatures compared to Urethane. TEMAX dampers also provide a significant weight advantage with a weight savings of up to 60% over rubber bumpers. One screw
mounts this bumper to any horizontal or vertical surface.

Dynamic Energy (We) is the Energy Capacity of the Bumper with respect to Displacement or Compression of the Bumper.

• Electric Drive Cushion Stops

• Rod End Protection on Hydraulic Cylinders

• Dampening Elements on Machining Centers

• Cushioning Units on Fitness Industry Equipment

• Vehicle System Jounce Stops

• Air Cylinder Cushion Stops

• Cushion Stops on Robotic Arms

•ACE Controls TA 47-20   

•McMaster-Carr 9677K18

•Miner Elastomer Products GBA-7

•Zimmer TPC-AS41x46H