At CoPoly Tech we continuously test and improve our damping products to ensure that they are the most robust elastomer dampers money can buy. We subject our products the most extreme circumstances to ensure they will perform for you.  In an effort to do this we decided to do what we called a “Survivability Test” on one of our best-selling axial bumpers. In this survival test we took a drill to one of our axial bumpers and pressed it to its solid height to validate our material’s superior anti-sheer properties. The results were epic!

This test demonstrates how well our elastomers perform even when punctured or torn in any given application. Many other materials would normally become completely disorientated or destroyed if they saw similar punctures in their materials. Steel springs would cease to work, rubber and urethane would eventually crumble or shred. Our product can outperform all of these products, including the obvious, hydraulic dampers.

We took our axial through more damage than it would see in any application. Even under these extreme circumstances our elastomer still held up to the test. As you can see from the video we were able to make the axial bumper look like Swiss cheese and still come back close to its original state with no shearing or failure, even when taken past its solid height.